Year 3/4 play podcast

The play in this podcast is called 'Your Time is Up'. The students involved were Anthony, Alex, Hana and
School Journal, Part 3, Number 1, 2005

Session outline:
  • Parts were assigned and students read the play through silently.
  • Themes and new vocabulary discussed (ideas for themes can be found on the link below).
  • The students read through a section of the play once as a group and strategies for presenting a play successfully were discussed ie being aware of cues.
  • Suzie showed the students how to record and playback audio into a podcast in Garageband
  • Students went and practiced reading their one line of their part into Garageband and then listened back to hear how they sounded. Suzie roved discussing possible improvements with individual children who then rerecorded.
  • Suzie showed students how to split audio files and how to change the volume of clips. Students took earlier recordings and experimented with reordering parts of their lines using the split function and changing the volume of split clips.
  • The students then met back again around a single laptop and recorded the chosen section of the play.
  • Suzie showed the students how to access the built-in sound effects in Garageband. The group discussed which could be used for this play and phone sounds were added.
  • The finished play section was exported out as an MP3 and uploaded directly to this wiki. When MP3's are uploaded to a Wikispace wiki and then added to a page, they are automatically shown within a player. Listen to the play podcast below!

There is a lesson plan for this play available for download by clicking on this link:

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