Comic Life is a fantastic, versatile and easy to use software package. You can easily create a range of posters and publications using this software. It is brilliant for digital storytelling. You can add speech bubbles and fun text which can easily be manipulated to change shape, colour and size. Photos drag and drop into the frames.
The examples below show what kinds of activities you can create using this software. Click on each of the images to take you to the sites where I sourced the images from.

Illustrating key competencies
Recounts and historical events
external image 2381801530_8ca67d4dfa.jpg
external image historysol6cd.jpg
external image howtowashtablesexample.jpg
Creating worksheets
Science reports
Science labeling
Learning a language

external image comic1.jpg?w=187&h=265
Word Art
Letter sound associations
Social studies
Making support posters for display
external image 2388092185_394211496d.jpg
external image Page_2(2).jpg
external image answering_questions_vip_comic.jpg
Stating features
Vocabularly work
Instructions (number 2)
Digital storytelling
external image Page_1_18.preview.jpg
external image grace010.jpg

See more examples at the Plasq gallery

Purchasing school licenses

Information on a New Zealand School Initiative for the purchase of Comic Life is available from


ScreenCasts Online Tutorial - A great video tutorial on Comic Life
Teacher Tech - Comic Life in the Classroom - A lot of useful information about Comic Life as well as good ideas on how you might use it.
How to use Comic Life in the Classroom - an excellent site with advice and instructions on how to use it.